We are very excited to have you apply to be a MAWSA Executive!

To apply you need:

  1.  To choose a position to run for
  2.  To be a current Massey University Wellington student
  3.  To ask another Massey University student to nominate you (record their details in the form below)
  4.  To be studying again at Massey in 2019
  5.  If you are applying for a college position, you need to be currently enrolled in that college
  6.  If you are applying for the Māori Executive you need to be of Māori decent
  7.  If you are applying for the Pasifika Executive you need to be of Pasifika decent

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to get in contact with the Deputy Returning Officer, Tim Kendrew – elections@mawsa.org.nz