New Clubs

We would like to welcome the following new clubs!

MAK – The Massey Ad Kids to the mawsa clubs family! This club is made up of fourth year BDes Students who are majoring in Advertising. We wish them the very best with their studies.

MWCSA – The Massey Wellington Chinese Students Association. This association is a cultural club consisting of Chinese students on the Massey Wellington campus. We are happy to have you affiliated with us!

StudentLife – This is our non-denominational christian club on campus. They do weekly bible study groups and also help mawsa out on occasion, if you’d like to join them, check out the clubs section above.

Muslim Students Club – We love having other cultures on campus, so we loved affiliating the Muslim Students Club. If you’re a Muslim student, why not join?

Club CoCA – A group of likeminded CoCA students who want to improve student life on campus. Go, CoCA, go!

Nurses Club – Pretty self explanatory, the Nurses Club run event throughout the year to take care of our students, from Men’s Health evenings to healthy sandwiches. Yay!

Art Club – This group of Fine Arts students want to make the world a more artful place. We don’t see why not, so why don’t you join them?

Welcome to all our clubs! Remember, if you don’t find a club you want to join, why not set up a new club? Click on the clubs tab to find out how.

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