Review It Revamped

With its first major update in four years, the Review It survey is back with a better interface, more relevant and thoughtful questions and a chance to win great prizes!


Review It is an online course survey designed to allow students to independently respond to their recent learning experiences at Massey University and make their comments available to prospective students deciding which elective papers to take. Results for the surveys can be found at


The survey has been developed by the Massey University Extramural Students’ Society (EXMSS) to satisfy the need for free flowing peer-to-peer advice and open testimony from students about their papers. To ensure the freedom for students to share their opinions, each survey is conducted independently of Massey University and maintains the anonymity of participating students.


The information collected from Review It is used to help students to be able to better shape their expectations of the papers they intend to take. Massey Paper Co-ordinators are also invited to include advice for students alongside the Survey results reports. In addition, EXMSS uses the survey to monitor problematic trends and inform their efforts, lobbying Massey University about papers, courses or programmes with long-running issues.


Review It is open to all students studying with Massey University, and to date more than 14,000 students have taken this opportunity to voice their experiences. It’s important that as many people as possible fill out the Review It survey each year, and to that end EXMSS has been working over the last six months to update Review It, asking more pertinent questions, improving the layout and design, and providing an easier-to-read summary of results. The new survey (for Semester 1, 2013) went live on the 17th of July.

You can check Review It out at

All those who complete a Review It survey will go into a draw to receive one of four iPod shuffles. Winners are notified by email and announced in Massive Magazine. The Winners for the Semester 3, 2012, prize draw are Vincent Lee, Aaron Mikkelsen, Kaiya Watson and Michael Lambden. If that’s you and you haven’t heard from Review It yet, get in touch with Adam Dodd on freephone 0508 4EXMSS extn 81217 or email

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