Toxic Relationships

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WOW Seminars 2013

WOW Seminars cover common issues facing students as they progress through university. The emphasis is on education coupled with suggestions and basic skills to manage and enhance the student experience. The seminars cover topics such as: self-esteem, sexual health, managing expectations, mindfulness, career choice, study/life balance, and exam stress among others.

WOW Seminars are held on-line and can be viewed at on Thursdays from 12-1pm.


26 September


“Even a bad love is better than no love at all” – or is it?  In this seminar you will learn to recognise some of the early warning signs that a relationship you think you want is not likely to work out for you.  We will also explore some of the myths and dynamics we buy into or get caught in that have us staying in unhealthy relationships longer than we should.

Presenters: Angela Baker, Morag Cunningham

Seminar Room


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