Coping With Exam Stress – Q & A Session

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WOW Seminars 2013

WOW Seminars cover common issues facing students as they progress through university. The emphasis is on education coupled with suggestions and basic skills to manage and enhance the student experience. The seminars cover topics such as: self-esteem, sexual health, managing expectations, mindfulness, career choice, study/life balance, and exam stress among others.

WOW Seminars are held on-line and can be viewed at on Thursdays from 12-1pm.


Thursday 10 October


Members of the Counselling team  will answer any questions you have about managing stress while you are preparing for, or writing exams.  Send us your questions on-line via the chat window during the seminar, and we will speak to them offering tips, suggestions or links to useful information. Your questions will be visible to others attending (so you may wish to use a pseudynom), and our verbal responses will be heard by all.”

Presenters: Angela Baker, Morag Cunningham, John Ross

Seminar Room

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