Great Turnout for MAWSA Elections

mawsablankthumbBucking what has been a national trend for student organisations, this year’s turnout was over three times better than last year’s!

Below are the official numbers:


President: Todd Williamson
Todd Williamson 155 votes
Morgan Fitzgerald 141 votes
Vice President Welfare: Sarah-Kay Kilner
Sarah Kilner 132 votes
Morgan Fitzgerald 114 votes
Rahul Mukherjee 30 votes
Vice President Education: Maia Visnovsky
Maia Visnovsky 211 votes
Rahul Mukherjee 33 votes
International Executive: Rahul Mukherjee
Rahul Mukherjee 151 votes
Mayble Lee 60 votes
Health and Science Executive: Tessa Finnigan
Tessa Finnigan 138 votes
Dakota Sykes 102 votes
Jem Halpine 47 votes
Maori Executive: Tyler Dixon
Tyler Dixon 124 votes
Atareta Manihera-Otton 122 votes
CoCA Executive: Sarah Kilner
Sarah Kilner 151 votes
Maia Visnovsky 102 votes
Rahul Mukherjee 7 votes
Mayble Lee 5 votes
Business Executive: Issy Thorpe
Issy Thorpe 228 votes
Atareta Manihera-Otton 37 votes
Joshua Broderson 11 votes
Humanities, Social Science and Nursing Executive: Dakota Sykes
Dakota Sykes 107 votes
Natalie Hallett 89 votes
Jem Halpine 60 votes
Post Graduate Executive: Rahul Mukherjee
Rahul Mukherjee 194 votes
Pasifika Executive Elected: Jasper Luki 
Jasper Luki 233 votes

Thanks to all who voted.

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