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Welcome to EXMSS news. A page dedicated to keeping Massey’s distance students updated with news and views from their freshly elected student representatives at EXMSS. First up, a big THANK YOU to our friends at MAWSA for giving us this space to communicate with our members.

This week:

A New Committee Announced for EXMSS

The Massey University Extramural Students’ Society Inc (EXMSS) announces a new Executive committee as the result of the recent Special General Meeting (SGM), which was held Saturday 19 October 2013.

Confirmed EXMSS executive members are Rowena Harvey, Angela Lalonde, Pamela Higgins, Dave Crampton, Mandy Ward and Lyn Harris-Hogan.

The executive committee was formed from successful candidates from the recent EXMSS elections, which were confirmed at the SGM, as well as former executives who have been reinstated, following their unconstitutional removal earlier this year. They will be working with interim EXMSS co-Presidents Tiri Porter and Mark Lester, who were elected during the SGM, for a three month term.

The Special General Meeting saw the motion of no confidence in the presidency of Jeannette Chapman passed unanimously. Subsequently, a motion calling for her removal from the position of president as of 4.00pm on the 19th October 2013 was also passed unanimously.

Ms Porter and Mr Lester are both delighted at the opportunity to work with the new committee through the coming months to plan and rebuild the credibility and integrity of the Students’ Society.

“Ma whero ma pango ka oti ai te mahi”

Media Release Date 29th October 2013

Contact: Tiri Porter, 021 2922 159, exmss@mail.com

and for our second exciting feature of the week;

Calling for Nominations for EXMSS President

The Massey University Extramural Students Society Inc (EXMSS) is also proud to announce the call for nominations for President of EXMSS.

On Sunday 20 October EXMSS returning officer, Joy Green called for nominations for the position and began accepting nominations from Monday 21st  October until Saturday 30th November.

Full and Associate Members are eligible to stand for office, providing they are not permanent staff at any tertiary education establishment, but they must be nominated and seconded in writing, by two FULL members of the society. Please email nominations to Joy at J.B.Green@massey.ac.nz, with the subject line ‘EXMSS president – nomination’ and in the body say:

‘I, [name],[student ID], as a full member of EXMSS, nominate [name],[student ID] for the office of 2014 President. This nomination is seconded by [name],[student ID], who is also a full member of the society.

“This wording provides clarity for all and simplicity for me,” says Joy “I will acknowledge nominations within 24 hours.”

In the event of there being only one nomination, all EXMSS members will be emailed with the result by 7 December. In the event of multiple nominations, members will be emailed with a list of nominees and instructions for registering their vote for their preferred candidate, by the same date.

If an election is held the result will be confirmed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will take place on 15 January 2014, time to be confirmed (but likely to be evening). The AGM will be streamed.


For any queries about EXMSS or representation of distance students at Massey University please contact

Tiri Porter or Mark Lester at exmss@mail.com


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