Student Forum 2014

The 2014 Student Forum is your opportunity to engage with Massey’s senior leadership! It’s a chance to ask questions and raise any concerns you might have about your student experience! We want to hear from you on the day, but if you don’t want to speak yourself MAWSA President Todd Williamson will asking questions submitted by students. Let us know what you’d like him to ask!

Here are few broad questions to get you thinking:

– What do you think of life at Massey?
– How are you finding your student experience?
– Are your expectations being met?
– Do you have concerns about your course/ideas about how to make it better?
– Are there things that you would like to see more of?

But really, we want to know what you want to talk about! If you’ve got topics that you think need to be discussed, please post them on this page! There will be awesome prize packs for whichever questions get the most engagement (likes + comments)! If you want to keep your question on the low, please PM it to us for Todd to ask on your behalf!

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