The table below indicates the results of the Massey Wellington Students’ Association election for the 2015 executive.

An annual general meeting will be happening on October 17, in which MAWSA will welcome new and returning executive members. To meet quorum for this meeting there needs to be 20 attendees. Free pizza and other lunch items will be provided.

Stay updated through the MAWSA Facebook.

Outgoing president Todd Williamson said that there is a great mix of old and new faces to usher in the 2015 executive.

“I am sure they will all do a wonderful job.”





President: Tom Pringle

Tom Pringle 102 votes
Vice President Welfare: Byron Teo
Byron Teo 47 votes
Tessa Calogaras 36 votes
Kristy McCormick 17 votes
Vice President Education: Maia Visnovsky
Maia Visnovsky 98 votes
Health and Science Executive: Tessa Finnigan
Tessa Finnigan 58 votes
Tessa Calogaras 40 votes
Maori Executive: Jayden Wairau
Jayden Wairau 47 votes
Cherron Te-Whetumatarau Hassett 36 votes
Nga Roma Poa 16 votes
CoCA Executive: Te Hana Goodyer
Te Hana Goodyer 64 votes
Kristy McCormick 19 votes
Melanie Kennedy 17 votes
Byron Teo 9 votes
Business Executive: Lee Bright
Lee Bright 87 votes
Humanities, Social Science and Nursing Executive: Riona Ashworth O’Callaghan
Riona Ashworth O’Callaghan 89 votes
Pasifika Executive Elected: Jasper Luki 
Jasper Luki 91 votes


MAWSA wishes to congratulate: Tom Pringle, Byron Teo, Maia Visnovsky, Tessa Finnigan, Jayden Wairau, Te Hana Goodyer, Lee Bright, Riona Ashworth O’Callaghan and Jasper Luki on their successes, and welcomes them to the executive for next year.



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