Massey Guides will be introduced to the Wellington campus this year, with the aim of connecting people, and helping to build a community on campus.

The 15 guides will be heavily involved with Orientation, helping people to connect, and feel welcome – especially the first years. Acting Student Life Coordinator, Hayley Schlup, says the guides will be roaming around campus for the first week of the semester in bright green shirts, and encourages students to approach them and ask for help.

Although there have been variations of Massey Guides in the past, in the form of student representatives, technically this is a pilot programme for the Wellington campus. The Albany and Manawatu campuses have a Massey Guides programme, so Schlup says “we are now consistent with other campuses, to make this a Massey wide thing, which we are starting up properly in order to continue the programme, hopefully forever.”

As well as helping out with Orientation, the Massey Guides will be involved with other exciting events throughout the year, becoming familiar faces to Wellington students. They’ll be part of Graduation, Open Day, Semester Two Orientation, and other on-campus events.

The Massey Guides, who represent all areas of study, have completed their training. Schlup says she is “stoked with the people we have” but that it would be “awesome to have more boys involved”.

Nursing student, Rachel Peterson, applied to be a Massey Guide because she wanted to become more involved with the university.  “I wanted to get more involved with leadership opportunities, and I also want to get to know the uni better.” She also looks forward to helping the new students settle in, because “I know what it’s like to be a fresher.”

A fun opportunity that will look great on your CV, anyone interested in becoming a Massey Guide should email Hayley Schlup at


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