Clubs’ Handbook

(How to lead a club, T’s & C’s, Code of Conduct, etc)

Affliliation form & Membership list

Constitution (editable)

Handover Guidelines


Massey University Grants Policy

Application Form (online)

Grant Report (online)




On-Campus Event Request (online)

Budget Template

Risk Assessment & Management Strategy (Massey)



Minutes for opening a bank account

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Asset Register

Grant applications must be submitted by 5pm on the last working day of each month during term, and sometimes take up to a week or more to process – so it pays to get them in well in advance!

If you want to hold a club event on campus, you will need to fill out the form below and submit it at least a month in advance – if your event includes alcohol you may need to submit it even earlier. Come in for a chat right when you start planning and we’ll help you make sense of it all.

Send completed forms or questions to Tim at, or come in and see us.


Grant Dates 2017

Grant Round
Applications Close 
Grants Committee Meeting
Amount Available
1 Tuesday 31st January Friday 3rd February $2,000
2 Tuesday 28th February Monday 6th March $2,000
3 Friday 31st March Friday 7th April $2,000
4 Friday 29th April Friday 5th May $2,000
5 Wednesday 31st May Friday 9th June $2,000
6 Friday 30th June Friday 7th July $2,000
7 Monday 31st July Friday 4th August $2,000
8 Thursday 31st August Friday 8th September $2,000
9 Friday 29th September Friday 6th October $2,000
10 Tuesday 31st October Friday 3rd November $2,000

More info about processes:

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