The 2017 MAWSCA Clubs’ & Societies’ Awards will be held on Friday 22nd September.

Use the form below to submit your nominations for clubs and individual awards. Please include the name of your nominee and why you think they should win in the space provided.

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  • Clubs' Awards

    Please vote for a club in each of the categories below, including their name and why you think they should win.
  • Recognising excellence in the administration of a club and a significant contribution to student life at Massey Wellington
  • Awarded to a club that has been established during the current year, and has demonstrated a high commitment to terms of increasing student life on campus as well as developing a productive executive committee.
  • Awarded to a club who has shown a significant improvement in profile, the delivery of events or services, or membership during 2017.
  • Awarded to a club who has hosted an outstanding event or activity during the current year. This award recognises the way the event was promoted and delivered and the overall impact on the club and student life at Massey Wellington.
  • Awarded to a club who has shown dedication and commitment, and has had a positive contribution to campus life.
  • Awarded to a club who is devoted to bringing together diverse communities at Massey Wellington. The diversity award celebrates a club’s ability to create, develop and promote events or programs that allow a wide range of students to participate from all different colleges, cultures or backgrounds.
  • Individual Awards

    Please write the name of an individual you think has shown skill or dedication in each of the categories listed below, and why you think they should win.



The results of these nominations will be taken into consideration by our judging panel, however they will not necessarily determine the winner(s) in each category. Only one entry per person will be considered.