What’s a club?

A club is a group of people with a common interest who organise events and activities for it’s members. Clubs at Massey must be driven by students, and are usually run by committee that includes a President, Treasurer and Secretary. Clubs each have their own set of rules (called a constitution) that sets out how they operate and what is to be done with their assets. Clubs affiliated to MAWSA must have at least 7 members who are currently enrolled in papers on Wellington campus.

Check out the clubs handbook for more information on everything!

Why affiliate?

Affiliating with MAWSA gives a group access to free resources, equipment and venue hire, as well as administrative support, legal protection and the right to be active on campus.

If you’re thinking of starting a new club, first check the clubs list and see if something similar already exists. If so get in touch with the contact person or hit Thom up.

If the club you want doesn’t exist, then make it! It’s not hard and can be very rewarding!

How to affiliate:

  1. First thing you need to do is find 6 others who want to join you (facebook, posters, a megaphone in on the lawn are all good ways to find people.)
  2. Once you’ve got your squad sorted, drop into MAWSA to chat about your club and pick up a copy of the clubs handbook – this has all the information you need about running a club.
  3. The next step is to meet with everyone and elect a committee (at least a President, Secretary and Treasurer).
  4. Once they’re on board, create a constitution and fill out the affiliation form.
  5. This will be sent to the Student Executive to approve at their next meeting.
  6. Once this is sorted, we will help you set you up a bank account with ANZ Newtown, an @mawsa.org.nz email address and add your club to the club list.
  7. Now you’re eligible to apply for grants or plan events to your heart’s content!


Clubs Handbook
Terms & Conditions of Affiliation
Affiliation Form
Draft Constitution

All clubs forms and resources can be found on the club resources page.