Massey At Wellington Students’ Association is an organisation dedicated to representing, advocating and providing services to the present and future students of Massey Wellington. We are governed by an elected student executive including the Student President and two Vice Presidents.

MaWSA was founded in 1999, and previously we were known as WePSA (Wellington Polytechnic Students Association). When Massey University merged with Wellington Polytechnic, we were born. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2009 by holding a very special 10th birthday party, with five cakes in the shape of the MaWSA logo.

We represent Massey Wellington students on a number of boards and councils on campus, and nationally. We also are part of NZUSA, the national student body which lobbies government on our behalf as well as providing us with essential information to keep us up to date on government issues.

We advocate for you. Our advocate handles a wide variety of cases, whether it be hardship cases, academic problems such as problems with tutors, papers or courses, as well budgetary advice and even personal advocacy issues.

We also provide a wide range of services, from events such as Orientation to items such as Massive magazine, Student diaries and wall planners.

We have an executive which consists of a President and two Vice Presidents, and seven executive portfolios. We also have six staff members who work for you.