Meet your 2019 MAWSA Executive Candidates

You’ll be seeing these faces around campus a lot in the next week, each campaigning to get you to choose them to be part of the 2019 MAWSA Executive. Once voted in by you, the Executive will act as student representatives across many college and Massey boards. They’ll be advocating for your needs and making sure your time here at Massey is enjoyable and supportive.




To learn more about the Executive and the voting process, you can read about it in our constitution

For Student President

Charlotte Long

I am a third year-fine arts student who loves a cup of tea at the end of the day. For 2019 I would love to bridge the gap of lecturers understanding of learning difficulties in the faculty. Also to keep building on the great work done by MAWSA this year and create a stronger sense of community with the university and Wellington as a whole. I’m passionate about being involved in my local community and have previously volunteered for Wellington Children’s Hospital, Zealandia and others. I’m an outgoing and talkative person who is interested in making the best experience of Massey for as many people as posable.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I would say that finances are the biggest issue for students but I’m not going to claim I can solve that! Many people have told me that Communication is an issue. I will make sure that everyone knows what discounts are available as a Massey student; what clubs, sports and support there is. Also when there’s free food and events. To address this I would build on this year’s MAWSA executive teams work by continuing the posters around campus and emails. To build on this I will build the social media presence to make everything more accessible.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
If elected as Student President, I would like to work on ensuring we are as inclusive as possible. Helping those with learning difficulties would be my focus. This would involve discussions with lecturers to improve this area. I would also work on ways that the University can improve on supporting the student body.

Jamie-Lee Bracken

Kia Ora I’m Jamie-Lee, I’m a communications student majoring in journalism. I love long walks, a good cuppa and the show ‘Vikings’. It’s been a busy, exciting year and I hope it’s been a good year so far for you too! I’ve learnt a lot about how MAWSA works by being the Welfare VP on the current executive. It’s given me both the skills and the knowledge to really understand how to get the best for students. I really enjoy the University life here and I’m hoping that with your vote I am able to take on the presidential role which will allow me to me work hard to make a difference for you. I want to improve things that aren’t up to scratch and build on what is working well using knowledge gained from my VP role and my time here as a student. I’m passionate about being a trustworthy and honest voice to make sure you have the tools you need to love your time here at Massey Wellington. It’s all about enjoying yourself while getting that degree!

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I think the biggest issue student’s face isn’t a new one. There’s a huge focus on academic success which is understandable since we are at university but there needs to be an equal focus on the wellbeing of students. It’s a no brainer that the happier a student is then the easier it’ll be for them to focus on their work. As much as university is a place to get a degree it also is a place to have fun, make memories and take up new opportunities. I want to ensure that all students know how to access health and counselling services as well as making sure they know what clubs and activities are available. There’s so much on offer here and I feel that if students knew just what they can take part in here on campus, they’ll have more opportunity to look after their mental health by escaping work for a while and enjoy exciting new opportunities.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
One thing I’d love to do in 2019 is see a lot more opportunites to get all the student body together! We are so lucky on this campus to have such a diverse range of degrees available meaning we have an incredibly unique student body. It would be awesome to see more chances for us all to get together, hang out, showcase student work and make friends across all colleges. We have some incredible spaces here at Massey Wellington and I’d love to see us utilising them to make everyone’s student experience a fun, happy one. University is to be enjoyed!

For Education Vice President

Bella Bolter

Hello! I’m Bella, a Communication Student, Mother, and dedicated member of the Massey Community. I would like to earn your vote because I truly believe that one person can make a difference. We have three tertiary institutions in Wellington, and I want to work with you to make Massey the absolute best! I have previous experience as a Class Rep, clubs leader and MAWSAVolunteer – youʼve probably seen me around campus in bright colours! Please come say hi! Iʼm often in the co lab and would love to chat.

What is the biggest issue studentʼs face and how will you change this?
While the stigma around mental health is decreasing, it is still a massive issue for students. With wait times increasing students sometimes arenʼt getting the help they need when they need it. As your Education VP, I would be a bridge between you and lecturers to help them understand you and the unique issues you face.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing youʼd like to do in 2019?
Improve the links between students and lecturers; we can both be more understanding of each other. By improving the class rep program, so we both get the absolute best out of classes.

Nicolette Hurnen

Kia Ora! My name is Nicolette Hurnen and I am a Creative Media Production Student. This year I have really loved being a class Rep and making sure everybody got the best they could from their course. I would really love to take this a step further to make sure everybody on campus can get the best from their course. There are a few issues I’m really keen to look at, the website and stream being one of them and with your help and vote I will do everything I can to make Massey the best learning environment possible.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I think a lot of student have external factors that interfere with their studies, things like dyslexia, anxiety, having rent to pay as well as tuition and even issues such as stream not being quite as clear as it could have been can be exceedingly hard to deal with. While often these issues are taken seriously and the university tries to accommodate the individual and sort the issue, sometimes these factors aren’t recognised by Massey as a whole. I would like to make sure all students are treated fairly and are given work that is reasonable to accomplish for the individual. I would also like to look at the efficiency of the massey website and stream to see if there is a way to make things easier for staff and students

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
I would like to be able to make education easier to access for both staff and students by doing things such as analysing the massey website and stream to see if there is a way to make things easier for staff and students.

For Welfare Vice President

Anna Gilmour

Hi there I’m Anna! I am a second year nursing student and am thrilled to be nominated for MAWSA Wellness VP 2019. Last year I applied for the Nursing Executive position and after not getting the role I decided to take a more active role in the Massey community. I am currently a founder and co-chair of the newly formed club Red Cross Massey Wellington. Throughout the process of setting up a new club I have learnt many things about myself as a leader and have met so many amazing people along the way.
I am a hardworking, committed and enthusiastic, I love meeting and talking to a wide range of people and am passionate about student life and wellbeing. I am super excited to take on this new challenge and to have an amazing time doing so! I hope to soon be able to say I am your Wellness VP for 2019! Who knows? Maybe second times the charm!

Please answer the following questions What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I believe the biggest issue students are facing today is how to balance study, work, family and a social life. I myself cannot change this for them but I can provide a safe space for people to come voice their concerns and issues and have themselves be heard and understood.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
If I were elected to Wellness Vice President I would like to promote personal wellness and treating yourself when necessary. I would also like to throw a pyjama party movie night!

Basti Todd

Hey team, for those of you who don’t know me my name is Basti and I would like to be your Welfare Vice President for 2019. A little about me; I am English, grew up in France and Italy, moved to New Zealand 5 years ago to a wee town called Kerikeri, a true gem of the North. I was studying Communications last year but just re-enrolled after travelling Africa and America. Uni can be a very stressful time for everyone and I would like to help the students in any way that I can. I would like to listen to your ideas and help make these ideas happen.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I would like to focus on mental well-being and stress management as this is one of the biggest factors that affect students and has a direct impact on their experience at University, Socially and academically.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
I would like to help students in any way I can. Listen their ideas and make them a reality. I would like to raise more awareness for ways students can get support and try and improve the current facilities.

Elleana Dumper

My name is Elleana and I am a second year Commercial Music student. For me, studying in Wellington away from home was a pure choice of growth. 18 months on and one matured student later, I find myself seeking the need to create initiatives where others are reminded how remarkable they are, with a practical and full-circle kind of activism which won’t make you cringe.
Having recently received my level 2 first aid qualification, I could literally save your life, and this could prove enough, but my agenda for Welfare Vice President intends for a more holistic approach to wellbeing. It’s about learning to nourish ourselves from the inside out, and in more ways than one. My campaign to Feed the Masse(y)s will see wider dietary options on campus, the mind’s need for motivating inspiration, and the soul’s need for creative expression in a free environment.
What growth are you willing to fulfil?

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I think a significant issue that affects many students is one of confidence. I believe that a lack of self-acceptance welcomes stress and other negativity into our lives, which goes to have impact on our attitude towards our work, performance, and futures. I think having a holistic approach to wellbeing, and seeing the many facets which contribute to a healthy one, is something truly vital to a person’s happiness. By placing the notion of balance on a pedestal, I aim to be the intermediary between students and their potential, by “feeding” their minds and bodies with a variety of nourishing resources – inspiration, health, self-love, and vibrant, practical wisdom – which will prompt students to engage in a deeper conversation with themselves and tackle problems at the root, however also providing the option of a ‘quick fix’ where necessary. Having a thirst and motivation for wholesome living will never leave one unsatisfied.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
I am driven to plant a seed for students to independently nourish their lives (the common seven pillars). My background in event management and social media are skills I will utilise for this role in combination with my strong sense of creating unforgettable experiences for students. I intend to build on the existing Wellness Wednesdays initiative by installing monthly focuses, such as mindfulness, productivity, motivation, stress and so on, which will be mapped appropriately throughout the year.
Each month would potentially involve a ‘keynote’ session, in the form of a workshop, discussion, seminar/guest speakers etc. at the beginning of each month to introduce new concepts of wellness and methods for students to implement these in any area of their lives. The focus will be maintained for the remaining weeks with podcasts or reading recommendations, quotes, or small events in and outside of school time to keep students on track and inspired. A great simultaneous opportunity would be to showcase a different graphic artist within the college by allowing them to curate the design for each month/focus.

Jacob Paterson

Hey Team! Ko Jacob tōku ingoa.
I’m a third year student here at Massey, I teach kids how to swim part time, I spent semester 1 this year on an exchange in Nottingham and I’m running to be your Welfare VP 2019! I will work hard to make our campus fun, safe and connected. I want to create spaces for students on campus where they can feel at home and connect with other students. Okay, so let’s; reclaim the student lounge, put in place a community garden, organize more free food for y’all and get more student events funded and happening on campus.
We also need to have our voice heard on the big issues, I will work with VUWSA to present a united Wellington wide front on the issues that matter to students; tertiary mental health funding, ending sexual violence in our community and ensuring student renters are looked after.
I’ve been working with MAWSA and VUWSA to build student communities this year and would love to do even more next year as your Welfare Vice President.
Let me know what you think. Hit me up: or say hi when you see me around.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
Massey Wellington lacks a strong student community. I want to see us hanging out on campus, connecting with other students and enjoying our time at Uni. Massey needs to provide a space that supports this. Student spaces like a decent student lounge, community garden, more free food, a Facebook group to connect with your year group and with students outside your degree. I’ll work hard to make this happen.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
Improve the student lounge. It’s in desperate need of an update and we need a space on campus where we can chill, eat and study maybe… which at the moment is a space we don’t have.

For Communications Executive

Grace Needham

Hi! I’m Grace and I want to be your Communications/ Business Executive for 2019. I’m currently my second year of a Bachelor of Communications with a major in Marketing, and loving learning more about the industry – I can’t look at ads the same way anymore… My favourite things are coffee, catch-ups, and cosy socks. For me, there’s nothing worse than looking back on an opportunity that came up and wishing you had done it. Which is why I want to encourage you to vote for me so I can help you stop wishing, and start doing.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
Motivation. It is a relatively broad issue, but one of the biggest. It effects students massively, and contributes to mood, grades and both physical and mental health. Personally I have been through many patches of lacking motivation and drive, so I know exactly how it feels. I would do my best to change this by encouraging students to motivate themselves, and striving to provide students with the tools they need to help themselves develop a sense of purpose and drive. I think doing this by asking fellow students to help create themed posters that detail their best tips for motivation, and for a few to be distributed monthly around the campus and put in digital format on a blog, so students can access the help whenever. This could be encouraged with a prize draw, and also gives students the opportunity to share with others what has helped them, and showcase talent/ skills in creating fun, purposeful posters.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
One of the things I would like to achieve is to work with a team to update some of the spaces around campus – namely the bathrooms by Tussock Café or the stairwell leading up to MAWSA’s area. I barely see any students using this stairwell, and the toilets definitely need some TLC and maybe a fresh lick of paint, as they are probably one of the most frequently used bathrooms on campus, given that they are right next door to Tussock.

For CoCA Executive

Bridget McGechan

Hey, I’m Bridget but feel free to call me Bridge or B. I’m a 3rd year Design student, Visual Communication Design Major. This year I have been on the MAWSA exec as the Education Vice President and I’ve loved it. I ran the Class Rep Programme and assisted the President as well as the exec in some really awesome projects. Last year I was an RA at the Cube Hall. Overall it’s been super rewarding helping students in many different ways throughout my time at Massey. I would love the chance to use my skills to improve student life at Massey even more. I’d be great for the role of CoCA Exec because I am an excellent communicator, enthusiastic and love people. You should vote for me because I will explore new ideas and ways that we can make Massey provide the best possible learning opportunities.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I believe there are a lot of issues around flatting that students face while studying. In terms of rent, flat condition, flatmates etc. I would change this by ensuring students have wide access to relevant information and working with MAWSA to expand the opportunities around providing support.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
As CoCA Exec I would speak on behalf of all students within the college, going out of my way to get students’ input and advocating for them. I would seek to create an environment where students are satisfied with their university experience, support campaigns related to their wellbeing and continue building a positive community.

James Harper

Hi sisters, I’m studying a BFA, you may have seen me having a McDs mukbang in the library on occasion. As a student at Massey I have witnessed the university’s management make unfortunate decisions that affect students and Massey itself. I’m running for CoCA executive to advocate for and represent CoCA students through the bureaucracy of Massey. My agenda is: Campaigning for further improvements to core papers; supporting the reestablishment of a rec centre; ensure Massey becomes more transparent and further develop a sense of community among CoCA students by running more art and design based events on campus.

What is the biggest issue students face and how will you change this?
$$$. To solve this I would push that MAWSA become a full member of NZUSA (New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations), then MAWSA could participate more fully in efforts to raise the cap on student allowance and living costs. It’s why organisations like NZUSA exist. MAWSA’s support of NZUSA would help it stay around and more effectively push another raise on student allowance and living costs.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
I’d love to run monthly open mics to foster a more social community on campus and allow students to have a safe space among peers to creatively express themselves outside of their study.

Tallulah Farrar

Hey! My name is Tallulah Farrar and I’ll be a third year Design student in 2019. I’m a textiles major, but I also love photography, painting and drawing and have a keen interest in the environment. I spend a lot of my spare time volunteering and running a club on campus, and I really enjoy the feeling of being a part of many different communities. I want to nurture this sense of community within our campus, and make Massey a place where everyone feels that they have a place.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I think that many students face the feelings of loneliness and isolation in such a massive time of transition. I know I felt this when I came to uni as I stayed living at home and found it difficult to meet people and feel like a part of the Massey community. Through being involved with clubs and initiatives like the Recycling/composting investigation with Co-Lab this year, I really feel like I’ve settled into the community and found my place. I want other students to feel this way and make this all happen a bit quicker. I think that this looks like improving clubs, empowering students to create their own clubs, making inclusive, exciting events on campus, being a super friendly, warm face and letting students know about the opportunities and events that Wellington and the wider community have to offer.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
I’d like to create a platform where students can engage in more of the opportunities that are available to them in the campus, local and wider Wellington community. I’m not too sure how this would materialise, perhaps in a page or website that collates events, internship or volunteering opportunities, meet-ups and more. I think that this would promote a sense of togetherness and help to work on feelings of isolation, loneliness and mental health issues that are all too common among students. I’d also really love to continue my work on recycling/composting on campus to make sure that the campus/students are more engaged in a wider environmental outlook. Sustainability is so important, and the fact that most CoCA buildings still lack recycling is implying that destructive, wasteful practice is normal and okay.

For Nursing Executive




Hannah Reade

Hey I’m Hannah and I am running for the position of nursing executive. I’m originally from Nelson however I chose to switch cities before becoming a fresh little first year (studying nursing). Although it has been a huge change, I have flourished in the opportunities this course has had to offer. I am super driven by the opportunity to improve the university experience for others and would love the chance to do this on an executive platform. I am enthusiastic, passionate and persistent; when I see something that needs to change, I will exhaust all my efforts and resources until I see that change happen.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I believe the biggest issue that nursing students face is attempting to develop the required skills and knowledge through courses that are predominantly taught online. To change this, I would like to gather the opinions, ideas and concerns of the nursing student body and use these to formulate either an alternative to the online learning modules, or ways that students could be better supported in these courses.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
I would like to collaborate with the school of nursing to improve the placement options that are offered to nursing students. I would like to see more accessible placement options become available that don’t require travelling lengthy and sometimes complex distances to various hospitals and other placement locations.

For International Executive

Luiz Rodrigo Carvalho

My name is Luiz Carvalho, I am an international student from Brazil. This is my second year at Massey doing the Master of Professional Accountancy and Finance. I am running for International Executive because after one year experiencing what is the life of an international/ exchange student, I would be able to relate to their problems and help them make the adventure of studying abroad more valuable and fulfilling. My focus will be on engaging with international students to discuss how the university could help them enjoy the inside and outside campus life.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
I think all students face the same problem of balancing the student life with work hours and have also a social life, with healthy habits and a positive attitude towards everyday life challenges. What I can offer is my support, ideas, energy and willingness to make a positive change in students’ life. 

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
I’d like to start a program to help international and exchange students who wants to stay in the country by offering a sort of immigration advisory/residentship pathway.

For Māori Executive

Hine Tihore

Kia ora, I’m Hine. I’m of Ngāti Porou and Te Aitanga-a-Māhiki decent and a communication student. I have a passion for photography and love how a good image connects us to a time, a place and each other. Research shows that images and other cultural representations can help improve the success rates of students from ethnic minorities. This is because they help students overcome the culturally intimidating environment of academia by connecting students to the campus. That’s why as Māori Exec, I would advocate for our campus to work towards better visual cultural representations that more accurately reflect our creative, culturally-diverse campus.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
According to attrition rates, the biggest issue we as Māori students face is overcoming the challenges that hinder us in completing our studies. I personally can’t change those challenges or the completion rates, that’s going to take the combined efforts of a whole lot of different people. I can, however, help to facilitate change in this area by gathering some of those key people together and advocating for the needs of Maori students.

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
I have a vision for Massey Wellington to visually reflect its claim of being treaty-led. One way to do that and help Māori students feel connected to campus is for there to be clear cultural representations. I’d like to work towards having that in 2019 which could perhaps include facilitating discussions around the completion of the Marae.

Joseph Ngametuangaro

Kia ora.
Ko Joseph Raiapinga Ngametuangaro ahau.
Ko Otawa te maunga
Ko Te Rapa-rapa-a-hoe te awa
Ko Hei te tipuna
Ko Takakopiri te tangata
Ko Waitaha te Iwi
Ko Te Arawa te Waka

I am wanting to be a voice for our Māori people in university and I want to ensure that everything run smoothly for our Māori community in Massey University who are coming through university. Kotahitanga and manaakitanga are two main things I want to focus on because I know that us Māori people are very social culture and also just connecting with waiata and korero with each other and making a relationship between groups of people is all I want, also to tautoko them through their study making sure that they get the right services and help they need to get through there university life. Also to show them the Māori club Kōkiri Ngātahi and all the amazing things they have to offer.

What is the biggest issue student’s face and how will you change this?
Study load: Mentoring sessions to help improve relationships with first and second years. Finance: showing them Maori funding or local iwi involvement to help make them less stress with financing their own study. Stress and depression: 2-3 DAY MAORI ORA week

If you were elected into your desired role, what is one thing you’d like to do in 2019?
2-3 MAORI ORA Activity weekend with enrolments with Kōkiri Ngātahi / Maori clubs and tikanga booth. Referrals for all Maori students and new students to do a wananga starter pack for university.