Key election information for the 2020 MAWSA Student Elections.

Your candidates for 2020 Student Executive

Hine Tihore
Student President Candidate

Ko Horouta te waka

Ko Pātangatanga te maunga

Ko Wharekahika me Waikohu ngā awa

Ko Hinemaurea te marae

Ko Tuwhakairiora te hapū

Ko Ngāti Porou te iwi

Ko Hineana Tihore tōku ingoa

Kia ora! I'm Hine, your current MAWSA Māori Executive and I'm running for MAWSA President. As an exec, I've learned the unfortunate truth that student politics has been reduced to a mere illusion of power. Student voice is being stifled by the bureaucracy of the institution and few have the knowledge or tenacity required to ensure we are being heard and taken seriously! That’s where I come in. I have experience navigating policy and procedures and I’m not afraid of standing up to the powers at be to make them hear us. Whatever the cost. So, for student voice, make Hine your choice!

Jacob Paterson
Student President Candidate

Kia ora - Jacob here.

So I’m running to be your MAWSA President 2020. This year I’m in my 4th year of design and have been serving you as your Welfare VP here at MAWSA. The way I see it, it’s too easy to feel isolated on this campus. Being a student is not just about studying - it’s about feeling like you are surrounded by a community and being able to get amongst in that community if you want to. As your president next year, I’ll be all about building supportive, inclusive and connected communities here on campus. I’ve got policies but I only got 100 words here, so I’ll just say; student spaces, clubs and campaigns that matter.

Thanks team.

Tessa Guest
Welfare Vice President Candidate

Kia ora e te whānau, I’m Tessa, a third-year communication student heading into postgraduate journalism. In my years at uni, I’ve found my home in the pages of Massive magazine, and in legendary clubs like Koha Coffee and MACS. I’ve also been a class representative, volunteered at MAWSA events, and now I’m running to be your Welfare Vice President! My goal is to make every student feel welcomed and connected, because that makes the uni hustle not only bearable, but enjoyable. Hit me with a vote for more friendly spaces on campus, more free food, and a quality uni community!

Liam Davies
Education Vice President Candidate

Hey, my name is Liam and I’m running for MAWSA’s VP for Education. Why? Well, I want there to be more students feeling comfortable in voicing their opinion, better advocacy services and I want Massey to be a welcoming environment for all students to thrive in! I really want to work closely with MAWSA’s Student Advocate in bettering the current services they provide. These include academic assistance and financial assistance – which provides students with hardship grants and food parcels. They also run the ‘Class Reps program,’ which I feel can be further improved to help with the relationship between students and their lecturers and tutors. I already represent students on a variety of Massey committees and boards but understand these are behind the scenes – they don’t have to be. I want all students to know they have the opportunity to represent themselves and their peers at a variety of different levels, whilst being able to stay happy and healthy and thriving at Massey!

Elaine Hague
Education Vice President Candidate

My name is Elaine Hague and I am currently a first year student studying a Bachelor of Commercial Music majoring in Music Technology. I am running for Education Vice President because I firmly believe that every student, no matter their background, should be getting the best education and getting what they need out of their studies, degree and the university.

I believe that your education is more than just your degree, it is about you as a fully rounded person and enjoying your time at Massey both socially and academically.

Himanshu Chourasia
International Executive Candidate

My name is Himanshu Chourasia, final year business communication student of Marketing and Media. I found in my two year international student journey, every international student needs someone to listen, understand and solve their problems and become their voice, because adopting and understanding university culture is quite challenging for different culture International students. I feel like they are in need of someone to guide them at the right time, right direction with the right approach. I love to talk to people and most importantly, love to hear people’s problems and as an International student I can sense what kind of problem any international can come across. Now I am applying for International exec to help them in the best possible way.

Bella Bolter
Rainbow Executive Candidate

Kia Ora! 

My name is Bella Bolter, I'm a second year Communications student and I want to be your Rainbow Exec in 2020.

I am running to be your Rainbow Exec in 2020 because Massey should be a place that values all identities. We have the Rainbow Tick but are we lining up to it to keep all students represented? 

As an exec of Uni Q for the past 3 years, I have seen our Rainbow community blossom and grow. I want to build on this and find new ways to support and develop the Rainbow community at Massey.

Basti Todd
Communications Executive Candidate

Kia ora team! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Basti Todd and I am a second year communications student here at Massey University. I’m just a regular girl from Northland who would love the opportunity to be your Communications Executive! This degree has so much to offer students academically and socially, I reckon I have a wee bit bring to the table. I am passionate about communications and would love to dabble with the chance to support you all in the year of 2020. Think about it team, why not?

Simon Hubbard
Communications Executive Candidate

When there’s an awkward silence in class and the lecturer is giving everyone the evils, I’m one of those people who speaks up. You either love me or hate me for it. Being a diplomat and a voice for others are key components in who I am. As a communication student majoring in public relations, I take managing information between people seriously. Everyone’s opinion matters to me. I want to hear what you want and make it happen. Simon says whatever you say! So, Simon says vote Hubbard for Communications Executive 2020.

Jordayne Katene
Māori Executive Candidate

Ko Tongariro te māunga

Ko Waikato te awa

Ko Te Arawa te waka

Ko Te Arawa tōku iwi

Ko Ngāti Tahu-Ngāti Whaoa me Ngāti Kearoa-Ngāti Tuarā tōku hapū

Ko Mataarae me Kearoa tōku marae

Nō Te Whanganui a-Tara ahau

Ko Jordayne katene tōku ingoa

I am in second year, studying a Bachelor of Communications. I’m running for Māori student executive 2020 because I want to vocalise our needs as Māori on campus, and shift the paradigm for tauira Māori to be valued within the institution.

Kī mai ki ahau, he aha te mea nui o te Ao?

Māku e kī atu, he tangata, he whenua, he moana.

Amy Palmer
Nursing Executive Candidate

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a first-year Bachelor of Nursing student. When I’m not in the library you’ll find me enjoying the views on the waterfront or helping out at Koha coffee! I’m running for the Nursing executive position as I am passionate about my course, and care deeply about the student experience being one that encourages community and always provides high levels of support. I’m committed to effective and honest communication between students and staff, and the wellbeing of all students.



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Rainbow/Queer Executive
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