Ever wondered what the Executive get up to throughout the year?

Keep up to date with the minutes from Executive meetings. The Exec meet up once or twice a month and report, discuss and decide on important issues, like financial and governance issues.

If you require any additional papers (eg President’s reports) please email president@mawsa.org.nz


Meeting 27th September Minutes
Meeting 16th August Minutes
Meeting 19th July Minutes
Meeting 1st March Minutes
Meeting 18th April Minutes
Meeting 2nd May Minutes
Meeting 23rd February Minutes

5th October 2016 AGM Minutes

Impact infographic


Meeting 16th February Minutes
Meeting 3rd March Minutes
Meeting 17th March Minutes
Meeting 31st March Minutes
Meeting 21st April  Minutes
Meeting 12th May Minutes
Meeting 21st July Minutes
Meeting 4th August Minutes
Meeting 18th August Minutes
Meeting 8th September Minutes
Meeting 22nd September Minutes


Meeting 25th February Minutes
Meeting 25th March Minutes
Meeting 27th May Minutes
Meeting 18th September Minutes
Meeting 2nd November Minutes

17th October 2014 AGM Minutes


Meeting 6th August minutes
Meeting 16th July minutes
Meeting 25th June minutes
Meeting 20th June minutes
Meeting 9th May minutes
Meeting 21st March minutes