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Our advocacy service is free,
confidential & independent from
the university

From dodgy landlords to academic grievances, our advocacy service can help you understand
your rights, responsibilities and options.

Contact the Student Advocate

Academic Assitance

Academic Assistance

Use our advocacy service when you:

  • Want to clarify how Massey University policy applies to your situation
  • Would like to appeal a grade or request a remark
  • Need to raise an issue or complaint with another member of the university community
  • Would like advice on how to raise a complaint in a constructive way
  • Need someone to assist you to prepare for a meeting with the university or attend it with you

Financial Assistance

If things are tight financially, our advocacy service can help.

Free Food

We provide free bread through our partnership with Kaibosh, and free fruit and vegetables through student levy funding. This is available regularly from the MAWSA reception, help yourself!


If you are concerned about your finances or want a plan to get through the year, MAWSA can provide you with help to create a budget.

Food Parcels

We provide food parcels for students, which are accessed through our advocacy services. Students can order up to $50 worth of food with the advocate to be picked up from Countdown Newtown.

Hardship Grants

All students pay a levy to the Hardship Fund, which allocates up to $500 per student, per semester to students experiencing financial hardship which is threatening their continued study at Massey. Applications are assessed by the Hardship Committee and if accepted will be processed within five working days.

You can find the application form here

Hardship Advocacy

MAWSA knows that financial hardship is common among students and our team works to advocate on behalf of students within the university. If you have suggestions or concerns that we can raise on your behalf in this area please let us know.

Wā Collective

MAWSA is also a member of the Wā Collective. The advocacy service pays an annual membership fee to the collective so that ALL menstruating students on the Wellington Campus will have access to heavily subsidised menstrual cups. We also have $150 worth of free Wā cups to give to students in financial hardship, come and see that advocate if you need one.

Want to know more about the Wā Collective? Check them out here

Personal Assistance

Other issues getting in the way of your studies? The advocacy service may be able to help with those too. Come and see the Advocate if you:

  • Want to clarify your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • Have concerns about safety on campus
  • Need a sounding board to help you figure something out.


Mawsa represents students through a number of avenues such as class reps and the Student Executive, read more here.