Wellington Campus Registrar, Deanna Riach, has announced a change to the designated smoking areas on campus. These changes will only be short term, as the university aims for a smoke free campus by the end of the year.

The current designated smoking area, the tables on the north side outside of Tussock café, will now be smoke free. Riach says “this area does not meet the Massey Smoke Free Policy because it has been located where food is served or consumed and is close to building entrances and opening windows where smoke could blow into a workplace.” This will mean no smoking, including E cigarettes, anywhere at the tables, or on the grassy area outside the café.

In addition, the smoking area outside the east entrance of Block 10 has been moved away from the entrance of the building to the grass on the far eastern side of the car parks. The three new designated smoking areas on campus are proposed to be: The gazebo near to the PACE buildings, Entrance A; the gazebo, just past the grassy area outside Tussock café; the grassy area by the trees beyond the east car park of  Block 10 (Old Museum building).

Riach says “smoking anywhere else on Massey property outside of these areas is not permitted, including private cars.”

These changes might result in a drop of the number of Wellington High School kids who seem to think it’s cool to sit on OUR grass area and have a cigarette in their breaks between classes.

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