2015 looks to be an exciting year for clubs on Massey’s Wellington campus, with many changes being put in place to strengthen the campus’ clubs.

These changes include some new faces around the MAWSA office to help out with the clubs. As well as this, Clubs Development Officer, Anna Hobman, says “there will be brand new processes put in place that will make becoming a club, running a club, and being part of a club easier.”

The new sign-up process will collate all the information into an online database, so that it can be updated, and kept track of, all the time. People in clubs will also get regular clubs updates through email, and they’ll have the option of opting out so clubs numbers can be kept track of.

There are currently 23 clubs on the Wellington campus. Hobman says that number is “probably going to grow to at least 28 by mid-semester and easily 30 by the end of the year – and they’ll be fully operational clubs”.

To ensure the clubs don’t crumble, Hobman will be getting Massey staff involved with clubs this year. This will help when the leaders get busy around exam time, so hopefully the club stuff won’t get completely dropped off, like it has in the past.

Hobman also hopes to get a Clubs’ Council up and running, where the clubs’ Executive can discuss what is and isn’t working and what they want.

MAWSA offers a wide variety of clubs, some of which have combined into one super-club this year, such as the “Outdoor Recreation Club” which was formed when the surf, skate and tramping club joined forces.

Hobman also discusses the COCA club which she says will rejuvenate this year and will essentially become an umbrella club for any fractions that want to split off from it, such as a Fine Arts Club. “It’ll be just a little bit like Divergent.”

Hobman encourages everyone to join a club because “it’s a great way to meet people, do stuff you’re passionate about, learn new stuff, and it’s also like an instant group of friends.” She also encourages students to be a part of a clubs’ Executive, saying it’s the best thing you could possibly do for your CV.

To get involved with clubs, email Anna Hobman at


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