MAWSA Ball Tickets on Sale


Are you ready? Cause it’s here! Get excited!! Massey is finally having a ball and it’s just around the corner. Less than two months to go! BOUNCE on up to Mawsa for your tickets or purchase below, get in quick because they’re going to ROLL out the door!!

$40 a ticket, cash, bank transfer and eftpos (available at MAWSA).
Only 100 plus one tickets available per ball!!

Its going to be a BALLIN’ good time!


Friday 24th July: 2nd,3rd,4th College of Health, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences, Business

Saturday 25th July: 2nd,3rd,4th year of all COCA, including Fine Arts

Tuesday 28th July: ALL FIRST YEARS


*Just clarifying that the Friday and Saturday balls are restricted to 2nd years up and the Tuesday ball is for first years of all disciplines.


If you have any issues please email:


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