Meet our team

MAWSA has some pretty cool staff. They work all year round to keep the cogs turning when it comes to our day-to-day operations.

Association Manager

Sarah Grant-Wang

Sarah is our Team Mum, keeping all our ducks in a row. If you don’t know who to contact, give her a call and she will help you out, or email her and she will forward it on to where it needs to go. You can reach her on or call her on 04 979 3763.

Clubs Development Coordinator

Tim Kendrew

Tim is a little bit crazy, but don’t let that put you off… he’s the one to contact if you are interested in joining a club or starting your own. He’s always happy to sit down and chat about your ideas and point you in the right direction to make it happen. Contact Tim at or 04 979 3759.

Student Advocate

Kate Te Ao

Not only does Kate hook you up with the free food, she is also the woman to see when you are in need. Whether you’re feeling like you haven’t been fairly marked on an assignment or you’re needing a little financial help till next pay day, Kate will sort it, give her an email on or call on 04 979 3762.

Events coordinator

Kalum Murray

Kalum is our resident fun-man and is responsible for all our awesome events such as Orientation, Reorientation, the Ball, food trucks and anything else he puts his mind to. Kalum also oversees the events board and they are always on the look out for more students to join. To get involved contact the Events Coordinator at or call him on 04 979 3764.

Creative Director

Marie Larking

Marie is our in-house designer who looks after all MAWSA’s creative needs. From the website to pamphlets to event branding she’s a whizz at anything creative. To get in contact with her flick her an email at or give her a call on 04 979 3756.

Advertising and sponsorship

Contact Sarah Grant-Wang or Nikki Papatsoumas


Phone: 04 979 3765

Information regarding advertising can be found on the Advertising page HERE