Hardship Grants

Hardship grants are available for students who have unforeseen circumstances that cause severe hardship and threaten continued study at Massey.  The Hardship Committee assesses these cases anonymously and students can be granted up to $500 to help support them with their financial situation.  The advocate will also work with students on the underlying causes of financial hardship to help each student work towards self-sufficiency.  We get that asking for help can be daunting and encourage students to come and talk about their concerns. The hardship application form is available here.

Hardship Advocacy

MAWSA knows that financial hardship is pretty common for students, and our team works with NZUSA to help advocate for these issues on a national level.

We also work with students and staff to provide equitable access to education and encourage transparency in course related costs and other areas that affect student access to education.  If you have suggestions or concerns that we can raise on your behalf in this area please let us know.

Free Food

We provide free bread through our partnership with Kaibosh, and fruit through student levy funding. This is available regularly from the MAWSA reception.  It is free and we encourage students to help themselves, but also leave enough for other students.


Our advocate is currently training to be a budgeting adviser with the New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services. If you are concerned about finances or want to plan about how to get through the year, we can help you create a budget that works for you, and the things you need to cover.

Food Parcels

We can provide food parcels for students, which are accessed through our student advocate.  Students can order up to $50 worth of food with the advocate to be picked up from your local Countdown. The advocate will also work with you on strategies to reduce your ongoing need for food parcels.



More information about Hardship Grants:

Hardship grant