Security Contacts

If you have any concerns about security on campus call 0800 627 750 or 027 496 3681 24/7

If it’s an emergency call 111

About Campus Security

  • Their priority is to keep you safe and give you support
  • Please call them if you feel unsure about anyone hanging around uni or unsafe in any way
  • They can walk with you to your car/ bus/ accommodation if you don’t feel safe walking by yourself
  • They will respond to anything suspicious or concerning


  • We recommend you walk with others after dark if you can, and you can ask security to walk with you too.
  • Please keep swipe doors closed so that only people who are meant to be there can enter.
  • Be mindful of your valuable items, and keep them with you or locked up.


Mawsa is committed to ensuring campus is safe for all students. As part of this we aim to promote a diverse and inclusive campus and take concerns about safety and security seriously.  If you have any suggestions for how we can improve campus safety please contact the student advocate or facilities